I confess: I took the day off today.
I just couldn't go back to school. Presents to finish, presents to wrap, dogs to walk, naps to take...

And anyway, I just wanted to report that TNT airs Law & Order reruns in the afternoon too!


I submit into evidence

Exhibit K in the case for why things are just classier in Europe.

Here's a pic of what a child in Sweden thought up in order to dress like a clown...
(via fine little day)

It brings to mind pauper artists on the cobblestone streets of Paris, or a young Marcel Marceau ( I know, he was a mime, but you get my point).

Let's compare that to American clown costumes, shall we?

Honestly? Sweet Potato? No wonder clowns freak me out.

But, with that said, I will give it up for Tommy the Clown.

For while his style is just as eye-scorching, he did single-handedly invent Clowning, which gave rise to Krumping, and while I wouldn't call it classy in a traditional sense, it's pretty hard to not respect the talent.



I made it out alive, barely.
The craziness that was my last two weeks was capped by Adam's return (yippee!) and then too many holiday parties in a row.
Our schedule from the past week looks something like this:
Thurs: party
Fri: party
Sat: 2 parties
Sun: 2 parties
Mon: party
Tues (last night): FREE!!!
Wed: party
Thurs: party
Fri: A's bday (party)


I've started and stopped three or four posts about how i still have work to do, it never ends..
But really, I can't come up with anything clever about my never ending spreadshet on exotic plants, desert rodents and fire ants.

Then I tried to post about how i'm still toddling along, spirits raised by the snow:

But I never got around to finishing that post...

So really, by now all of that is old news, and I think what you really want to read is what I overheard on the bus today:

Woman 1: He tried to tell me he learned his game from his Daddy. 'Cause his Daddy robbed a bank. But I was all "Your
Daddy robbed a bank and got away with it, UNTIL HE RAN OUT OF GAS and got himself caught!"

Woman2: What? He couldn't have taken some of that bank's money and bought himself some GAS?!"
I don't need to have any of THAT game.

Let that be a lesson to you! Fill the tank on the getaway car!
And that's what I'll be doing come Sunday morning. Fleeing to the great white north. Hooray!


riddle me this

Why? Why would a puppy rather chew on a plastic fork than a beef flavored bone?

I understand the shoes (smells like me, taste like sweaty feet. yum!).
I even understand the junk mail fliers (makes crinkly noises, which then garners attention, chase ensues).
But a clean plastic fork?
Over a chewy bone that tastes like cow?

One more paper to finish and then I'm back in the blogging game.

In the mean time, check out my new favorite picture of Adam, holding a tiny tiny teacup!:



1. I saw this bumpersticker:
I'd rather be at a Faith No More concert

2. Adam had a really great report from Iraq

3. Terri Gross said something that really resonated with me: Sometimes it can throw your compass off when someone close to you shows up with a compass of their own.

4. I went to an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. (So take that, Maggie Mason!)

5. I finished decorating the tree


it all comes back around

A few months back i got fed up with trying to ride my bike with a purse. They are always either sliding around and winding up banging on my thigh or else i have to stuff them in my bag on the back, which is fine unless i'm riding home from the store or something, and the bike-bag is full. And I have my messenger bag for school, but that has my computer in it, and again, if going out or to the store... etc. Anyway.
I decided that the answer to my problem was a fanny pack. I could strap it around my chest like a messenger bag, it wouldn't slide around like a purse, and its small and portable.
Well, whoooo-eee. You should have heard Adam's response to that idea. You would have thought I'd told him that I was going to wear it around my waist AT ALL TIMES, along with a stained tshirt with wolves on it, black Reebok's and mullet. Here's the one I've had my eye on:

It has all kinds of nifty security features and everything.
But, given my pauper's (grad student) salary, I can't really justify spending $40 on a new "purse". Alas.

But then, loooo and behold. Time comes for the big trip, and what does Adam decide he needs?

I ask you to examine the bottom center of this photograph, near his feet:

Originally uploaded by kwmuradio

That, my friends, is a fanny pack. Purchased outright by my husband. And when he returns, it will be mine.

Also more importantly, THAT IS SADDAM HUSSEIN'S CHAIR! In Saddam's palace in Baghdad! Crikey. That's way more exciting than a new purse.
Please, please go and check out all of Adam's stories from Iraq here: KWMU


little known fact

Did you know? I'll bet you did not.
The State Animal of Missouri (animal, mind you!)is:
The Missouri Mule

I know what you're thinking: Odd, but maybe it makes sense b/c isn't Missouri all backwoods and inbred?

But here's where I give MO props for pulling a fast one on you.
The Missouri Mule is not an animal at all. It is, in fact, a cocktail.
A cocktail created for President Harry Truman to celebrate his love of Bourbon, the Democratic Party (mule!), and his homestate of Missouri.

Put that on some ice and shake it.


items filling adam's side of the bed while he's gone

-2 pillows
-1 laptop (charging while i sleep!)
-1 hot water bottle
-1 snoring puppy*

* she currently appears to be dreaming of a delicious steak dinner and a romp in the park.