1. I saw this bumpersticker:
I'd rather be at a Faith No More concert

2. Adam had a really great report from Iraq

3. Terri Gross said something that really resonated with me: Sometimes it can throw your compass off when someone close to you shows up with a compass of their own.

4. I went to an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. (So take that, Maggie Mason!)

5. I finished decorating the tree

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leelanaumom said...

I know that skiing Santa! Hi there Ging: It will be so nice for Adam to come home to STL and see a Christmas tree, and maybe some snow! I bet the landscape of Iraq is pretty bleak looking. Well your semester is almost done, Adam is almost home...life will get back to normal. We'll have so much snow for you when you come home! Can't wait to see you. Love Mom A