granite city, il

What do you do with your antsy pregnant wife on a cool dreary day?
First, feed her coconut cake.
Then take her to sneak into the scrapyards where the trains go to die.

Quote of the day, as we hurried back to the car before someone came to yell at us:
"Be careful, watch your step. If you fall here I'm not sure how we'll explain this to the doctor."


the perfect man

Things that are hot on dudes:

1. Black gingham dress shirts
2. Rolled up sleeves
3. Nice forearms
4. Leather cuff

Adam meets all of these criteria. Also, he buys candy for me.


classy or a clusterf*@k?

Adam: This QT is the JFK of gas stations.

Me: ... ... wait... the president or the airport?


35 weeks!

Well, we're moving right along on this whole baby growing escapade. Five or so more weeks (I'm banking on 6) to go. I'd add a melodramatic "...and then our life as we know it changes!" but to be honest it has already changed. I am not exactly out painting the town red these days.

(Because I totally used to. Paint the town, I mean. Really.)

I have lost perspective on how I look to others, but a pal just described me as "extremely pregnant". This makes me think it is time for a list or two...

Surprising things I can still do with relative ease:
  • ride a bike (no great distances being covered these days, though)
  • entertain dinner guests
  • touch my toes

Things that I'm pretending I can still do but I'm going to need to give up the game pretty soon here:
  • wear shoes that require me to lace or buckle them
  • work for more than three hours in a row without a nap
  • wear pants