I made it out alive, barely.
The craziness that was my last two weeks was capped by Adam's return (yippee!) and then too many holiday parties in a row.
Our schedule from the past week looks something like this:
Thurs: party
Fri: party
Sat: 2 parties
Sun: 2 parties
Mon: party
Tues (last night): FREE!!!
Wed: party
Thurs: party
Fri: A's bday (party)


I've started and stopped three or four posts about how i still have work to do, it never ends..
But really, I can't come up with anything clever about my never ending spreadshet on exotic plants, desert rodents and fire ants.

Then I tried to post about how i'm still toddling along, spirits raised by the snow:

But I never got around to finishing that post...

So really, by now all of that is old news, and I think what you really want to read is what I overheard on the bus today:

Woman 1: He tried to tell me he learned his game from his Daddy. 'Cause his Daddy robbed a bank. But I was all "Your
Daddy robbed a bank and got away with it, UNTIL HE RAN OUT OF GAS and got himself caught!"

Woman2: What? He couldn't have taken some of that bank's money and bought himself some GAS?!"
I don't need to have any of THAT game.

Let that be a lesson to you! Fill the tank on the getaway car!
And that's what I'll be doing come Sunday morning. Fleeing to the great white north. Hooray!

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