we're still here, it's just that here has moved.

In the interest of (practically abandoned) blog-as-(poorly updated)-journal, I suppose I should mention that  we're in Ann Arbor for the year.  Adam is spending the year doing this.  I'm spending the year doing this, this, and this. I'm also trying to not be too distracted by his thing, which is way more fun and involves interacting with fantastically interesting people, whereas my work involves dropping the kiddo at daycare so I can stare at my blank screen in peace.  Actually, I wish it were blank. [No, no, I don't.  Dear Lightning Bolt: I kid!] But it would be more serene that my two options right now: a) a screen full of three colors of Track Changes; b) screen full of source code and error messages (Serious Nerdery).

My other big plan for the this fall is to sample every cider donut in a 50 mile radius.
Go Big or Go Home.