shortage of beds

"are you sure you're cool on the floor?"

"yeah, I'm good. It's your turn."



Everything else was kind of crappy today, so it was a nice surprise to
see some proof that spring is kind of here, sort of, almost, just


double, double, toil and trouble

As a scientist, I'm dismayed at recent news that American's attitudes regarding climate change are taking a bit of a nose-dive toward disbelief. I am definitely in the camp that feels that blame for this can be split between poorly-communicating scientists and fear-mongering pundits. Come on science! Get on the ball!

With that said, I was heartened to see this figure which seems to indicate that the majority of the population is at least considering the consequences.


long drive home

Crossing back across the country with my three undergrad field
assistants. The 19 year old guy is taking a turning at driving & has
taken this opportunity to play the soundtrack to Glee.

Ten hours down, 14 to go.


see?! i'm not kidding.

Oh. Well, I guess before we head out to the study plots I should clean
the snow off of the truck.

Wait, did we bring an ice scraper?
No. No we didn't bc we were headed for the desert.

Bundle up, kids!


cruel joke

Spring is springing back in the STL but it's 40s & windy out here in
the desert.
Fieldwork schmieldwork. I am cursed. I will never be warm again.


easing into my geriatric years

Things I honestly enjoy that your grandpa probably loves too:

-air-popped popcorn
-watching birds
-Cream of Wheat
-new socks (so exciting!)
-high fiber cereals

I'm really on the fence about orange marmalade though.


i am a sucker for all manner of rube goldberg goodness

oh, the nerdery. looove.

physics teachers of the world, please please incorporate this into your curriculum.