documented miracle

After what feels like years of constant rain, the sun peeked out! --
right as it was setting.


too old for this business

Mid-term exam tomorrow!*
Can't I get some kind of age-related pass? Isn't 30 too old for
Grad school has a way of simulteneously making me feel ancient, and
like I've hit the pause button on my adultdhood.
Too many grey hairs & mortgage payments for this salary level &
schedule. Sometimes I wonder why I left my good-paying job in the real
world (where I got to be in the field year-round!) & signed up for 5
years** of crazy. I love the science that much?!

* and in hindsight the 7pm latte*** might be causing a breakdown in my mission to 'Get A Good Night of Sleep'
** oh, please let it just be five
*** and just so's we're clear, I'm not really a latte drinker. Americanos or bust.

calculating the crazy

I have 144 photos on my phone.
Only 60 of them involve my dog.
So, that means I'm less than half crazy, right?!

i never was a fan of sci-fi

I've been searching for a scootering jacket for a while now.

I wanted one that would block out some wind, but not be too warm, and also look good with my gigantic green knit scarf wrapped all around a million times.
Basically, I wanted something like this:

But maybe not in that color. That color is too close to those inevitable reddish brown leather trench coats that you find in vintage stores. You know, the ones that are only worn by Shaft and high school thespians.

Anyway, after searching high and low I finally settled and ordered this one. I was a little worried about the buttons. I worried it was too Sergeant Peppers.

Turns out that once you get it on, its not Sergeant Peppers at all.
It is, in fact, strangely reminiscent of the stillsuits in Dune.

So, if I had in fact wanted to look like I was heading out to fight alien worms on a desert planet, this would have been the jacket for me. But alas, all I want is to look cute on my moped. I shall be returning it.


let there be lasers

We went to see these guys.
Based on that video I was nervous that it would be a little awkward. What with one guy doing all the heavy-lifting in the charisma department (see linked video for evidence). And the cape. The cape also made me nervous. But, apparently one man's charisma is enough.
The lasers helped too.


I'm cross-registered at two additional universities this fall, and one of them meets three day each week. I'm doing a lot of running around between campuses. There is temptation to drive, just to make things "easier", but I'm always glad that I rode. Even that day last week when I got caught in the rain midway, it was worth it. I will admit to wussing out and driving if it is actually raining when I am supposed to leave-- I just don't have the right gear to face the flood. But on days like today, perfectly brilliant fallish days with a crispness to the air but some warmth from the sun, it is grand.
And besides, with a ride like this, why on earth would I drive?



that's my man

Love it.

But, in all seriousness, we need these things. Because it is fall and fall is the season of all of my favorite foods. And now that field season is over and I will actually be home (!) for more than three days at a time I am getting back on the cooking wagon.

In my future:
Pumpkin cupcakes!
Apple pie
Squash in every way imaginable
Soup again!
Soup once more!

I'm thinking about buying a smoker?

And there will be wine.


on the road again

Raise your hand if you're ready to spend a weekend at home.

fashion forward



get your vitamins

A subtle suggestion from my sister.


headed home

Done with fieldwork!

It's been a long season, but a good one.
I've been to a lot of new places, and met a lot of good people.
And worked really hard.
Looking forward to fall (data analysis season!).