i can't get away from blogs about/by/for/tangentially related to parents. is it a sign?

The Mates of State blog re: parenting while being a hipster traveling band.

parents love to blog. its official. men and women. i think they must
hand out blog addresses when they hand over the birth certificate
these days. or no, when you go in for an ultrasound.
"here's your print out of the pics of the fetus, and here's your
password to your new site, "HipMama"
lordy. its not a bad thing, but it is massive movement.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


the satisfaction of doing

It occurred to me recently that I spend quite a lot of time reading blogs. and very little time updating my own.
I love to read cookbooks --i'll take them to bed, out on the porch. But I don't get around to trying those new recipes very often.
I check out the newest additions on etsy quite regularly, and then glance guiltily (is that a word?) at the door to my room where my silkscreens sit waiting.
And then today, when I had every intention of whiling my afternoon with my nose in The Golden Notebook... instead I spent half an hour reading about the 2007 Tournament of Books on The Morning News. Reading about books that other people have read. But not me.

So, it was with great satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment that I actually finished a project on Friday. A gift for out friends' little baby, and I'd post pictures but I didn't think to before i gave it away but it looks an awful lot like this one that I made for another friend. Its so seldom that I actually conceive of, execute and finish a project like this.