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drop & give me ten

As I've mentioned a few times recently, I'm on a bit of a self-improvement jag. 
Well, maybe not improvement as much as self-indulgence-allowance and mental-pick-me-up-ing. (got that?)

In addition to focussing on accomplishments, and trying to reign in the stress-freakouts, I am also implementing a new plan called "Give In To The Nap".  It is awesome, and I encourage you to join me in it.

Previously, I have always felt guilty about taking naps.  Like I was wasting time.  But I've come to realize that when the need for nap overtakes me, I'm probably not getting much done anyway, what with all the staring into space and yawning.  So instead of fighting it, I put down the work, pop off to sleep for ten minutes and wake up ready to go again.  My recent increase in nap frequency has coincided with a recent increase in productivity --sure, correlation does not equal causation, but it is certainly suggestive that my plan is working.

This is a great plan for weekends, weekdays when I am working from home, or for when I'm at school on the weekends and no one else is around.  It doesn't work so good on regular work days when my office is full of people, like today .   

 This plan also will not work if you are a 3-hr. napper, like Adam.  A 3 hr. midday nap is not advisable for anyone except my friend Leslie who is the craziest night owl I've ever met and prefers to be asleep midday anyway.   

So yeah.  Nap away!  I absolve you of the guilt.  Watch your productivity skyrocket!


i wish...

Step 1. Buy house with big yard.

Step 2. Make use of the yard.



We did it!
We bought a house.
I love it. It is awesome.


i know, i know, i know.

It's been a week.
But as of yet I have no news to report.
Well, that's not technically true, I have lots of updates on delays and negotiations, but listen folks-- if no one cares what you had for lunch, then no one cares about my pending new boiler, or a big stack of boxes, or the fact that I am currently living in squalor (oooh! can you guess?!).
Fingers crossed, there will be news later.

In the meantime, some highlights:

Best thing I read on a blog all week:
"You know it's springtime when women in their 30s start taking pictures of trees."
Most ridiculous thing I penned all week:
If I were riding a horse today, that horse would be named Productivity.  And I would feed it apples and sugarcubes.
And now I am off to make something of this day....



Once, back when catalog orders were still placed on the phone, I made a call to order a sweater.  It was a brown sweater, but as catalog makers are wont to do, they gave it a clever name.

Me: And I'd like one of style # 123456.

Guy on the other end: Which color?

Me:  'Bark'.

Guy: Woof!  Woof!

Me: .............???.....

Guy: Hahahahahha! Phew.  I've been waiting all day to do that.

That still makes me smile.  The idea of this normal sounding dude just chuckling to himself in his little call-center cubicle.

It's always wise to find a way to make your day more pleasant, isn't it?


a little morning online browsing before buckling down

If I had another life to live I'd become a printmaker, and in my spare time from that, I think I'd make little critters like this:

Happy Friday.

***exciting news coming on monday! stay tuned! ***


notes from the boarding gate

1. Igloo cooler as carry-on luggage.
Potentially brilliant. Was it a choice of ease or necessity? Is there a sandwich and a can of coke in there, or a lobster and some dry ice? Or just some books?

2. National Guard recruits.
Someone should tell these girls that their rainbow striped Delia's sweatshirts are not going to garner much cred with their supervising officers. Also, are you seriously old enough to enlist? I swear I saw you reading CosmoTeen just then.

3. Striped business shirts with white collars ala Michael Douglas in Wallstreet.
Makes you look like a douche bag. But I will concede that this may be entirely the look that you are going for. Touche.

4. Overly sure, swaggering early 20s former thespian in all black.
I am entirely not impressed by the fact that you just HAVE to finish reading this screenplay by tonight. I do not care that you live in LA. However, the girl seated next to you seems enthralled. Perhaps she has yet to catch a glimpse of the Bedazzled hoodie that you have slung over the back of your seat. On a hanger. I need to stop eavesdropping on you, it is just making me feel gross.


one more night

It is beautiful here, and I am so lucky that it is my job to come here.
But I am ready for my own bed tomorrow night.
And my man and my dog.
And all the other work I left behind... actually, maybe not ready for that part.



Creepiest cemetery ever.

plan B

It's windy & rainy on the site today, so we drove around to the other
side of the mountains, scouting locations for future work. And stopped
in at the Chircahua Nat'l Monument. It was cold & snowing there. But

Back to work tomorrow.


the thing about science...

... is that it is so darn time consuming.
I was in DC, but now I am here:
(quite literally!  i'm on that green bench right now!)

When I get back I'll post more, I promise! Don't forsake me!