we know how to party

Thursday: 8 hours in the car.
Friday: 8 hours of crazy committee meeting prep, delivery & debrief.
Sat: 8 hours in the car.

Today: Post Successful Committee Meeting Hangover. (& not from celebrating-- unless you call a Wendy's hamburger from the drive-thru in central Illinois a celebration).  I opened my computer to make a few edits and send a few follow-up emails and my eyes crossed immediately.

Bright side: They said I'm on track to defend in the spring!
#grad2012 #longtimecomin'  #PhD

Owen was so excited for me that he did a little victory dance.

This trip back to STL was my first time away from Owen.  We both fared very well, thank you very much, although Owen seems to have grown 4 inches and put on 5 pounds while I was gone. He is enormous.