me v. the shallow limestone bedrock

bedrock: 1 
me: ... whimper...


chasing the trains

I've lost track, and I forgot to check before I got out of the car tonight, but I'm up somewhere around 2500 miles travelled in the past week. Crisscrossing the desert from field site to field site. I'm feeling very tired, very antsy, and very much in need of some fresh vegetables and some exercise.

I arrived at the latest site this eve. A research station this time, so I have a 'real' bed tonight, but all that means is a foam mattress in a bunkhouse. Twelve hours of driving and I arrived in the dark. Up before 6 tomorrow to get cracking on the field work.

No one came out to greet me when I arrived, although supposedly they knew I was coming. The lights didn't work in the building where I was supposed to be staying, and as I was clamoring around in the dark, searching for another switch it occurred to me that this is how scary movies start. A woman, alone, in the West Texas rangelands, pulling into a dusty cluster of buildings in the dark. It crossed my mind that I may be getting too old for this nonsense.

I elected to move myself to the kitchen building, which also has beds in it, and functioning lights. And door locks. No cell phone signal here, but at least they have wifi.
Everything will look (and feel) better in the morning.

field site

also bisbee

Original jail. Now an event space.
Available for your next family gathering!

bisbee copper mine

950 feet down.

It feels like you're standing on the edge of a volcano.

scouting research sites


rest stop


A touch if Maine on the desert highway.

las cruces, nm

My last night in a real bed for 2 weeks. Whole lot of desert (car)camping coming my way.

In related news: Tamarind frozen fruit popsicle (with chili & lime!) is, in fact, not good. Not good at all. In fact, it was kind of salty. Like eating a hint-o-lime Tostito flavored popsicle. So, now you know.


the perils of big hair

I won't tell you how often I lose my pen in my hair; only that it is embarrassingly frequent.

I often find it up there after I get home.
I ride a bike home.
With a helmet on my head.


taking back my weekends

Mow the lawn? Mop the floors? Yes! Because I no longer feel guilty for
every moment that I am not studying.
Oil change? Lumberyard?
Errands suddenly seem sublime.
Who knew that two lawn chairs in the Meineke parking lot could feel
like a date?!


there will be drinks

I passed my oral exams.
I get to stay in grad school.
The most stressful experience of my life to date is over!

Adam threw an impromptu/surprise party for me.
A bunch of our friends came over.
There was champagne.
My friends are awesome.
My hubs is the best.


happiness is...

...riding home with a box of cupcakes strapped to the rack.