Life these days

The rollercoaster in my brain is running along a track that includes (but is not limited to):
  • doula interview questions
  • chromosomal abnormalities of the plant evolution variety
  • (but then the brain goes, of course, to those of the unborn fetus variety)
  • day care centers
  • greenhouse experiment protocols
  • cabinet installation
  • cloth diapers
  • manuscript edits
  • countertops
  • 18"dishwashers
  • paint chips
  • 25 pound bag of urea fertilizer
  • ultrasound
  • statistical code
  • arborist
  • tomato plants
  • mobiles
  • kitchen faucets
  • pants
  • broken headlight
  • fixed bike
  • mom arrival
  • clogged gutters
  • data entry
Sounds like Life to me, anyway.



Note to Self:
Going shopping by yourself for maternity pants at 6pm on a Sat night
when you haven't eaten since that Vietnamese sandwich* at lunch is
just a recipe for disaster, and near total meltdown.
In other news, I now own pants that I don't have to jerry-rig with a
rubber band.

*MamaPho's grilled pork Banh Mi? Oh. My.


pregnancy diet

What I ate before 10am today:

  • english muffin
  • 1 mango
  • grape juice
(brief pause to walk the dog)
  • veggie sausages
  • clementine
  • granola bar
(brief pause to walk from house to car)
  • organic Cheetos

(Have you had them?! Holy geeze, man. GOOD.)

Other things that I can't get enough of:
  • apple juice. I could drink it allllll day.
  • fish. but i don't get to eat it enough bc we are still washing dishes in our bathtub, which puts a serious crimp in my creative cooking.
  • eggs.
  • South Beach peanut butter granola bars. PROTEIN packed, but tastes suspiciously like peanut butter rice krispie treats (thnx to my sis for these).
What I can't seem to eat:
  • Any members of the Brassicaceae family, including my beloved brocolli.
  • peanut butter (what?!)


all in all, though, it seems worth it

Things they don't tell you about pregnancy until it is too late:

-heartburn & bloating
-the crazy peeing schedule starts immediately
-curly hair that was finally starting to get long and more wavy abruptly changes course & becomes more curly and frizzy

Also- in these early months, I have this feeling of a lack of control. Like, all I can do is eat and sleep and hope all is going well down there. Shouldn't there be more to it than a few vitamins and a bag of almonds & apricots? And shouldn't I have to go to the doctor at least once a week for... something? a pat on the back at least?

FACT: The people who will be the MOST excited when you tell them you are expecting (aside from the future grandparents) are people who have already kids.
And there will be lots of exclamations about how "Having kids is Just Great!"
This is very encouraging.
Although in hindsight those same people were all just complaining on facebook about cleaning poo out of their sandboxes, so maybe they are just excited to have company at Camp KidsWorld, but still.