I submit into evidence

Exhibit K in the case for why things are just classier in Europe.

Here's a pic of what a child in Sweden thought up in order to dress like a clown...
(via fine little day)

It brings to mind pauper artists on the cobblestone streets of Paris, or a young Marcel Marceau ( I know, he was a mime, but you get my point).

Let's compare that to American clown costumes, shall we?

Honestly? Sweet Potato? No wonder clowns freak me out.

But, with that said, I will give it up for Tommy the Clown.

For while his style is just as eye-scorching, he did single-handedly invent Clowning, which gave rise to Krumping, and while I wouldn't call it classy in a traditional sense, it's pretty hard to not respect the talent.

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