under-utilized exclamations

Golly gee!
Heavens to mergatroid!
Great scott!
Heavens to betsy!
What the devil?!

All running through my head as I calculate the amount the work I need to do in the little time left in my semester.

UPDATE: I almost forgot the best one of all: Jiminy Cricket!
(thanks mom!)


things i'm doing while adam packs for Iraq

I'm not in denial that Adam leaves tomorrow to embed with an Army Reserve unit for two weeks. Nope. Not one bit. It was just really truly very important that I accomplish the following things this evening:

+concoct an enticing Indian dish out of Thanksgiving leftovers

+download pictures of the puppy playing with her new friends

+bid on items on Ebay

And most importantly:
+Shop for stocking stuffers for Adam. Because he is definitely coming home all in one piece.


he's making a list Part 2

You've gone way beyond coal. If you don't shape up, Santa's going to send out his posse to teach you a thing or two about Christmas spirit.


this thing i do

While I love to make a good cupcake, and I have been known to take pics of dinners that turned out especially well, I am certainly no Martha Stewart. I have my things that I like, but I don't have my sister's knack for arranging them in clever ways. Or Fort Nest's knack, for that matter.
But one thing that I do? Every time someone special comes to visit, I give them flowers by the bedside. Just a little 'hello' and a way to say Welcome!
My parents are coming for Turkey Day. Let the feasting begin!

nap time

Chilling out to the soothing sounds of your favorite Welsh crooner.


he's making a list...

If you're not good, Santa is going to leave this under your tree:

(Found on Etsy an excellent site for procrastination)



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back in the day


Just found this pic. We're in front of our old apartment in Maine. We look so young and carefree!
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A little while ago my mom sent this picture to me.

I showed it to A. and he said he could tell it was my by the knees.
The knees!
Not the curly hair, not the sparkling smile. The knees!
That reminded me that my mom once told me that my knees looked like my great-grandmother's knees.
I've never been particularly fond of them, but I never realized that they are recognizable.

It got me thinking, and I went looking for a current picture of my knees. Turns out that they do not make an appearance very often.... but I found a shot here, cropped for your viewing pleasure...

... and there they are! My three year old knees, still holding strong 25 years later.

off my back

Today I submitted my first scientific research paper for publication!


Now I have two glorious weeks before we hear back where I don't have to think one bit about it. Holla-lujiah. For the next two sweet weeks I will be able to focus on all my other work! Ha! No rest for the weary.



A grocery store employee is climbing up and down a ladder, hanging paper decorations from the ceiling tiles, with the aid of a long pole.

A small boy stands rapt. Watching him ascend and descend, waving the pole in air.

The man looks at the boy and says cheerily:
We're getting ready for Christmas!

The boy stares back blankly and says:
It was just Halloween yesterday!

So true.



I know what you're thinking.
Ok, enough with the puppy already.

But first: