two weeks in

So in case you missed the rockets, the bullhorns, the tickertape parade, the airplanes toting banners o'er the sky: We had a baby!

His name is Owen and he is awesome.

Turns out it hurts a lot to birth a baby. Before & after. Maybe you knew that? I did, but not really. I made some cazy jungle noises & some words not fit to print. But in the end, totally worth every last unmedicated minute of it.

He is, of course, a complete genius and totally precocious. Today he rolled over-- twice! He is two weeks old! He came out of the womb with muscle definition in his legs and arms --which explains all the insane kicking that was going on in utero. Pretty soon he's going to be pulling those monster truck tires across our backyard, and tossing the girls over his shoulder at recess and running off with them like his Viking ancestors.

Like all intellectuals, he also enjoys a bit of light reading before bed. A true renaissance man, this kid.

+his owl

+wet diapers
+waking up hungry
+having boogers sucked out of his nose.

We've decided to keep him.