Life these days

The rollercoaster in my brain is running along a track that includes (but is not limited to):
  • doula interview questions
  • chromosomal abnormalities of the plant evolution variety
  • (but then the brain goes, of course, to those of the unborn fetus variety)
  • day care centers
  • greenhouse experiment protocols
  • cabinet installation
  • cloth diapers
  • manuscript edits
  • countertops
  • 18"dishwashers
  • paint chips
  • 25 pound bag of urea fertilizer
  • ultrasound
  • statistical code
  • arborist
  • tomato plants
  • mobiles
  • kitchen faucets
  • pants
  • broken headlight
  • fixed bike
  • mom arrival
  • clogged gutters
  • data entry
Sounds like Life to me, anyway.


chinesetwine said...

First off - a hearty congratulations! I know I told Adam already, but it's not the same!!
As for questions, I read Ricki Lake's book on birth after seeing her documentary "the business of being born" & that book has a lot of great questions to consider. Maybe it'll serve as a helpful guide? Also, my SIL uses "bum genius" cloth diapers. I'll check in with her to see how they're holding up now that my nephew is almost two!
Hooray for baby!!

LAURA!!! said...

deep breath. deeeeeeeep breath.
i think i went a little psycho just reading that list.... all good things but i hope not running through your head all at once. :p

and reusable diapers!! you are such a good person.
think these are worth the $$$ ? >>>

or are all diapers this much?! wow!

Chelsea said...

Yes - ask me, too, if you have q's about cloth dipes. I have used a fair amount of different kids but would most heartily recommend bum genius and fuzzibunz. Fuzzibunz hold up better, but I do love the bum genius, too.

But, I also only started when Zoe was 5 months old so I don't know much about what works on those newborn baby butts.


Patty said...

Belly pictures please (with or without clothes are fine).
So happy for you.

Patty said...

Belly pictures please...with or without clothes. So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Your list sounds eerily familiar to my life last year pre-Wren when we bought a house and proceeded to renovate it every night after work and all weekend long. What a blur that was... oof. Being 35 weeks pregnant and stumbling around Home Depot. Yeah, that was not really a good look for me.

enjoy the wild ride. take it one day at a time. it's all worth it.

oh! one thing that saved me last year was a prenatal yoga class. super duper highly recommended!

EndyFam said...

Girl, you are doing TOO MUCH!!
(A familiar feeling...)