all in all, though, it seems worth it

Things they don't tell you about pregnancy until it is too late:

-heartburn & bloating
-the crazy peeing schedule starts immediately
-curly hair that was finally starting to get long and more wavy abruptly changes course & becomes more curly and frizzy

Also- in these early months, I have this feeling of a lack of control. Like, all I can do is eat and sleep and hope all is going well down there. Shouldn't there be more to it than a few vitamins and a bag of almonds & apricots? And shouldn't I have to go to the doctor at least once a week for... something? a pat on the back at least?

FACT: The people who will be the MOST excited when you tell them you are expecting (aside from the future grandparents) are people who have already kids.
And there will be lots of exclamations about how "Having kids is Just Great!"
This is very encouraging.
Although in hindsight those same people were all just complaining on facebook about cleaning poo out of their sandboxes, so maybe they are just excited to have company at Camp KidsWorld, but still.


Sarah said...

you are so cute :) I'm SUPER excited you're preggars.

Chelsea said...

I am SO excited for you. And jealous. I am soooo ready for another one. :)

Email me if you need any natural birth tips (navigating the hospital world, etc.).

Congrats! It is the biggest, best thing in the whole world.

Narco said...


Soooo. When you posted http://gigi-rose.blogspot.com/2010/02/get-em-while-theyre-hot.html you of course already knew, right?

I didn't read anything about nausea. Second trimester?

LAURA!!! said...

now more.

LAURA!!! said...

ps -
pat pat on the back. any day and everyday I will gladly give this to you. cause
there is a tiny AA and gigi combo inside of you...
and 2nd, I would TOTALLY go to Camp Kidsworld with you any day, kids or not.
and 3rd. feel free not to post this stupid comment.

thatsdrbubbatoyou said...

Wait, what? WHAT?!?! CONGRATS, holy crap, that's GREAT NEWS. Missin' you and Adam, Cory

Karina said...

Congrats! This post is like totally out of the blue! I am waaaaaaaaay behind so I thought maybe I missed something earlier but I see nothing! Anyways, I am so happy for you! I can't wait to read more :-)