all figured out

Conversation on our way home from Cunetto House of Pasta, where I had consumed a bucket of spaghetti & espoused mixed reviews.

me: ... I just keep thinking about the awesome bowl of whole-wheat fettucini with walnuts & gorgonzola that I had at Mangia that one time. It was just sooo much better than what I had tonight.

A: Your problem is that you have sophisticated taste in food all the time. You never feel like just having a nice old-fashioned American plate of food.

me: That's not true. I like toast.

A: On artisnal bread. With roasted pear jam.

me: ... or Nutella.

A: Ha. You have spohisticated taste in food all the time... ... ... except for when it comes to candy.

me: ... ... ... yes. Yes, you have a point there.

A: You're all "I'll have the butternut squash ravioli. And for desert, could you just bring me out a bowl of Spree? Or, do you have Wildberry Skittles back there? I'll take those.

me: Touche.


fort nest said...

i miss you guys :)

Rosemary said...

Ooooo , I want to eat there Thanksgiving weekend..

Anonymous said...

Adorable. And totally agreed on fancy meals, humble desserts.

gigirose said...

humble! yes! excellent way to describe it.