oh, internet. let's get married.

Several things about my iphone have been stressing me out lately.

1. The weather is chilly. I am cold. I need to answer my phone, but that requires me to take off my gloves so I can work the touch screen. Another call missed. Until this. Now, I'd never wear those gloves because they'd make me look like a robber in a B-rated heist movie, but it did make me remember my handy mittens with the flip back thumbs! Rejoice! Commence communication.

2. The cord tangle nonsense. Do you remember those puzzles made out of iron rings that we all used to get as stocking stuffers? Where supposedly you could untangle the pieces, but only if you had been a national champion in Olympics of the Mind for the past 3 years? That's how I feel about my headphones. Somehow, even if I only took them out of my ears five minutes ago, they are always wound into a gnarly mess. Until now. (via not martha)

3. My tendency to jump right in. I never read manuals & I prefer to learn how to use new software through the trial-by-fire method. But sometimes that means that I never learn about the cool shortcuts until I've been doing things the long way for 6 months.

And this is why I love the internet and we are going to live happily ever after in a stone cottage by the sea.

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