making the world a better place

All kidding about my not-so-secret love of the Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" ad campaign aside, here are a few brilliant minds that I'd like to meet:

-the inventor of carbonated beverages,

-the first person to think up burritos as big as my head,

- the philanthropic engineer who designed the Hippo water roller so nine year old girls don't have to carry 30lbs of water back from the pump

-and of course, the genius behind this.


Kristy Meyer said...

oh my god. How awesome is it to stream puppies live?

madsp said...

There was a panda born at some zoo a few years ago and I couldn't stop watching their live 24-hour footage of him rolling around eating bamboo all day. Hypnotic and delightful at the same time; made me want to squeal a little. You should try zoo cams!