on why i shouldn't be allowed to email

My sister is getting married in 7 weeks.

Remarkably, she is cool, calm and collected, despite all the little details that start to pile up at this point before the wedding.

I was just remarking the other day that she has managed to ride this whole planning-process out with no stress or drama, and so then what did I do?

I went and made some drama for her.

Accidentally! I just inserted myself into an email conversation that I really shouldn't have been a part of in the first place, created some misunderstandings and hurt feelings and then sat back, oblivious.

Over and over I tell myself: read the emails, then close the emails, then think about your response, and THEN hit Reply. But I don't learn, no matter how many times I put my foot in my mouth.

Granted, I'm helped along by the fact that you just can't read inflections in email, so
"oh, please" meant in a heart-felt pleading way really tends to come of as "Oh puh-leez" in a patronizing tone. But that is really a poor excuse for typing before I think.

I am sorry Laura, Adam and the rest of the emailing world.

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oh whatever not ur fault i love you guys and that was just confusing :) xoxoxoxo