I've been a person with a nose ring for about ten years now. It is small and tasteful and you probably wouldn't even notice it. I never ever notice it anymore, and even in this pic, where it shows up quite a bit, you can barely see it, right? It's just a part of me. Even more so than my wedding ring, which I feel I must remove when doing especially onerous fieldwork.

But last month I worked for a week at an ill-fated catering job, and they wouldn't let me wear it. Normally office/ workplace rules about this sort of thing annoy me, because seriously? The secretary is allowed to wear those gigantic dangling beaded monstrosities from each of her earlobes, but somehow my tiny little stud is distracting? But at this job all earrings and other jewelry were pretty much not allowed, so I took it out. Up to this point I had taken it out before, but always put it right back in. But after 7 hours on my feet I just kind of forgot about it by the time I got home, and since I don't really notice anymore I kept forgetting about it for the next two weeks.

And this is getting long and rambling all of the sudden, so I'll spare you the gory details, but basically the hole has closed up. And now i'm left with a decision.... to re-pierce or not to re-pierce? Adam has never known me without it... I've had it most of my adult life...
I don't necessarily strongly identify with it or anything, any more that someone would identify with a pair of earrings (which, incidentally, I don't wear. except for a really nice pair of pearl studs from my in-laws that I wear on special occasions...I digress..)

Maybe it is time to move on. My nostril is all deformed now, much large than the other one. But then again, I don' t think it will ever shrink back to its original size so maybe what the heck. And it is so very much me.

I know this is all so ridiculous to think about when there are real problems in the world. Real problems in my world, even. But sometimes the little decisions are all we can manage.
What do you think? I'm taking a poll.


Mary said...

I like you with the nose ring, so I vote to do it again. But I don't know if I could handle the pain of repiercing anything!

Rosemary said...

If you repierce it will be may be a bigger hole.. even if in the same place. That happens with ears sometimes. Think ahead to whole life. Also, no rush. If you repierce it doesn't matter when you do it. But if you miss it..
I am certainly no help.. miss see all sides

dna said...

well-what if you did the other side? Then someday the nostrils will be the same size. Are noses like men and earings in the 80's??

There are somethings you can only do while you're young and in school.

go dude!

Anonymous said...

How about a tattoo of a nose ring?!

Mike from Maine


i like the tatoo of a nose ring idea. haha.
get it again, my vote. now or later
I like it and forgot that you even had one till now.

jessica's ned said...

i say do it.