I came away from this past week in Michigan with quite the haul.

Took the obligatory trip to Gwen Frostic's studio to load up on stationery. Her pieces are lovely enough as it is, but then they do such a wonderful job of wrapping everything into a sweet little parcel. Charming.

While we were in the area, my mom and I also stopped off in Beulah for lunch and popped into a resale shop where I found 3 of these cute plates for just $3!

Also in Beulah, I picked up a new rug for our front porch. Bright and cheery and made from recycled plastic!

Another bit of bright cheeriness from Diane:

And a set of heirloom treasures.

Grandma's handmade quilt:

Candlesticks that belonged to great-grandma:

And a table linen hand embroidered by great-great-grandma:

Also a big bag of dried cherries and chocolate covered dried cherries that I am trying very hard to forget are in my cupboard.

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your porch looks like just one of the most wonderful places to hang out ever. Cant wait to sit on it with you one of these days.