1. I read blogs about candy. Taste-testing blogs. Because there is a lot of candy out there, and I love it, but I really need to not eat so much of it.

2. I really like to eat cupcakes, but I like making them even more.

3. If you opened your refrigerator and all you had was a bottle of hot sauce, some mushrooms and half of a sack of tortillas I could make something for you to eat for dinner. 90% of the time it would taste really good. Sometimes I mess up, though.

4. I study plants outside, but as soon as I try to bring them into my house they die. It is one of life's cruel ironies.

5. I sometimes get stressed out because I'm behind on my podcasts.

6. If I had the chance to have another career I'd be a printmaker.

7. Nevertheless, I think being a biologist is just about the coolest thing ever, and I get a little thrill every time I get to say that's what I do.

8. I am not - absolutely not - a morning person. Sometimes I have to ask Adam to stop looking at me until I've had my coffee. And definitely not to speak. Sadly, I am also not a night person. I am very much a sleeping person, though. I can out sleep you six ways from Sunday. I often contemplate how much more I could accomplish if I didn't need to sleep so much. But then I figure that my life has been pretty good so far, so I guess I shouldn't stress out about it too much.

9. I don't have the attention span necessary for television watching. Unless it is Law & Order. I once watched four straight hours of Law & Order. The regular, classic version. That's the best one. But I kind of wish I had those four hours back.

10. It is absolutely impossible for me to brush my teeth without getting foam all over my face.

So, anyway, that's what I was thinking about tonight.

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