Taking Inventory -- we like it on two wheels

One nice aspect of our current apartment is that it comes with a garage. But we don't park our car in there, oh no. It is full of all of our toys!

Garage Contents:

- LaMonte road bike, purchased by Adam in Maine to replace his rad old Norwich of England touring bike... I still mourn that black & white monster.

- Trek hybrid bike I use for commuting. This bike was given to me by my college roommate when I lived with her family in Boston for a summer. It was her bike when she was in junior high, but she is 5'11" and I am very much NOT that tall, so it was perfect for me. And it has continued to be perfect. I plan to ride this bike into the ground. It is adorned with a fantastically worn out bag on the back rack that I got at the STL Bike Fed Bike Swap for $5. It is stained and torn and the zipper is kind of broken, which i see as a bit of security-- I don't have to worry about someone stealing it off of my bike, like I would with a fancy new one. Actually, the same thing goes for the bike itself. Not pretty, but fantastic nonetheless.

- mid 80's Yahama QT-50 moped, the "Yamahopper". Turquoise and white. Pure summertime bliss.

- early 80's Sears "Free Spirit" touring bike -- with fenders! Red. Every time I ride this bike I feel like I am in a movie.

- mid 70's Honda CB750 motorcycle. Ditto above comment.

- lawn mower -- Just because we only have 8 square feet of grass doesn't mean that we don't have to mow it. This mower is big enough that we pretty much just have to set it down on the grass and turn it on for a few seconds. Trim edges, done. I find this hilarious, but Adam is genetically predisposed to love mowing lawns and he yearns for acres of green to while away the lazy Sunday afternoons. Maybe someday, honey.

Other random garage contents:

-kiddie pool
-big green tarp
-half complete set of Missouri Law Journal from 1998. No clue on that one.

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