one man's trash

A brief mental list that I compiled while walking the dog this morning.

Ubiquitous sidewalk detritous that
you may not notice until you have a puppy:

- dried up worms
- shards of chicken bone
- chunks of fake (hopefully) human hair
- corn cobs
- crayons
- poo
- dirty diaper
- jimbrowski's cap
- grass clippings
- lost gloves

All of the above have been picked up by my dog, sometimes several at once.
All hail the most wondrful command of all dog training commands: "Leave It".
Best said sternly and with a straight face, which can be hard when said puppy has both a corn cob and fake hair in her mouth at once.

1 comment:

Adam said...

Ginger says "Leave it", I say "drop it".

Whats the difference you ask? The dog actually responds to "drop it". "Leave it" on the other hand only prompts puzzled doggie looks.

Ginger will disagree.