and the beat goes on

So, I'm not usually all about posting things that I read on other people's blogs (except for that tea bit, whoooeee, and that was worth it). Mostly because I feel the the whole thing can kind of turn into a big competitive "Ooo, lookeee, I totally read the funniest and most obscure blogs that you've never even heard of-- I'm just so indie."
Plus, I want to keep them to myself.

But, those crazy kids over at Radio Sweethearts have done it again, cracking me up with back-to-back RadioLab based posts. And I don't don't just like them because they share my love of RadioLab and all things Jad and Krulwich. They are some funny kids and I think you should read first, their take on Emergency Krulwich and then, Matthew's application to work for the show. And behold the internet self-referencing itself into some kind of quaternary structure.

In fact, Adam and I were just talking yesterday about how they are hiring and what kind of crazy high-wire acrobatics might be required to land a job there. Maybe it's just because I live with a radio man and have been up close and personal with the public radio hiring process, but I find Matthew's irreverence and audacity hilarious.


Kerry said...

Once we get the printer hooked up in our new house, we're planning to decorate our fire extinguisher with a picture of Krulwich. This might be awesome, or it might be the mark of our true dorkiness.

Also - I totally get the not wanting to share favorite blogs thing.

Anyway - thank you for reading and commenting and generally being awesome.

- Kerry (from Radio Sweethearts)

Matthew said...

"Irreverence and audacity?" Pssh. Audacity I'll give you, but trust me, I'm very reverent of the public radio hiring process.

It's just that my reverence doesn't keep me from trying. I'll feel really guilty if I get the job over anyone else even slightly more qualified than me.

gigirose said...

kerry-- what a great idea.
so much better than the wee Carl Kassel foam cutout that we have hanging on our back door ... for really no other reason than it is a wee Carl Kassel.


gigirose said...


what?! no way. i think that if you get it you should gloat publicly and dance in the streets with a big sign. absolutely.