everything's coming up desert grasses

I have one more week of (really-truly-this-time) crazy-busy.
Then back to regular posting. I'm trying to remain calm, and it is working! Everything is coming up roses!

I found out my last paper is not due Fri, oh no. It is due today!
That's fine, I thought. That will give me a jump start on the manuscript revisions that I was supposed to have done weeks ago. I'll just finish it up first thing tomorrow morning.

And the great forest spirits rewarded me for my serenity and canceled both the training that I was supposed to go to last night, AND the softball game that I was going to skip to go to the training.

Other excellent news:

The seeds I planted for a little greenhouse experiment that I have going right now germinated in 2 days and are growing like gangbusters. Desert plants are adapted to immediately take advantage of any available moisture, so it is instant gratification.

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Insomniatic said...

I thought the first picture was a huge tray of cupcakes! Not that there's anything wrong with germinating seeds, just less appetizing.