my google thinks i scuba

I don't, in general, have any problem with Google's advertising scheme. It is relatively unobtrusive, and most of the time the ad headlines that show up on my Gmail or at the margins of my searches are so far from what I am actually looking for or emailing about that I don't get too freaked out that they are Big Brother monitoring my web use.

However, lately it seems that Google is not only tracking my search words, but also my conversations... and not the online ones. I SWEAR that several times lately I will be talking with someone at work about something and then the next time I check my email there's and AdWords string on that same topic. Is my MacBook BUGGED?

For instance, the girl who has the desk next to me is big into SCUBA & was telling me that she is going tonight to get a new certification. I know nothing about SCUBA, and I certainly haven't been searching online or emailing about it, but when I went to check my email, this popped up:

Scuba Health St.Louis DAN - www.y-kiki.com - Y-kiki is the St. Louis area leader for DAN training and supplies

Ok, I"ve lost you. But it really is creepy when it happens.

P.S. I do know enough to know that SCUBA! is CAPATALIZED!



that's creepy. you should try talking about something silly, like laser surgery, or no, something less known,...like, toe cleavage enhancement, and see what advertisements pop up theN!

Insomniatic said...

hi!!! I just rediscovered your blog! When you were talking to your friend about SCUBA was it in an email? Because email content what Google tracks. But if you were IMing her or worse yet actually talking to her F2F then I'd be really concerned that you've been bugged.

I want one of these accounts! I weaned myself off of myspace after feeling like I was the "mom at the prom" but now see this as being a viable outlet. this is your cousin Lisa, btw