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My People Are Awesome Vol. II

This is my middle sister, Sarah:

It is her birthday next week, and I guess I could wait until then to post this, but who knows what might happen next week. I could fall down a man hole and then you'd have to wait a whole additional week while i got over the shock before I got around to this. And that's just too long.

Sarah is hands down the hardest worker I know. She's in school to be a Physician Assistant, which is basically like being a doctor without the malpractice insurance and less debt. She studies ALL the time. Which is too bad, because a lady this foxy should be out on the town, don't you think?

(for random strangers who end up here, she's the one on the left with the sparkly blue eyes-- hell-o)

Are you getting a load of those dimples? Check her out making eyes at the camera in this vintage shot:

She's the beautiful child with the cornsilk hair. The tiny one is Laura -- I want to squeeze her cheeks-- I'm the one in the Donald Duck tee. The beautiful woman is our mom.

Check out the spiffin' outfit Sarah is sporting here -- it is a bit hard to see, but I'll tell you that it is a red sailor dress with a tartan plaid trench coat. Hello? Stylish?

And not to put too fine a point on it, but I'll just note that I am the one wearing black high tops, unfortunate frizzy bangs and a ratty sweatshirt.... sigh.

Anyway, some day you will have gall stones or a broken wrist and Sarah will fix it up. And she will be so sweet and friendly and kind and helpful and confident without seeming stuck up or aloof that you will almost be glad that you are sick, because you had a chance to meet such an amazing person.

Happy early 26th birthday Sarah. I love you more than all the stars in the sky.

Sarah cuddling my laser puppy.


Insomniatic said...

sniff sniff. that was beautiful. Happy Birthday Sarah!!


oh my, i miss you girls so much. Sarah you really are amazing.
ps Ging... black high-tops, um hello, sWEet!

Sarah said...

Oh Ging!! You are too sweet. :) That seriously made my day. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Can't wait to see you this summer!