a word with the governor

I know that it's belated, and I've been AWOL for a bit, but the theme for March is Open Letters. I intended to start it out on a happier note, but the NY governor has left me no other choice...

Dear Mr. Spitzer,

Wha'? Really? Honestly? $80,000 on high class hookers?! I mean, this is behavior that I might have expected from...oh, say, almost any other politician. But you? Mr. Root-Out-The-Crooks?


Ok, so here's the thing. I really liked you. A lot. I remember your grinning face on the cover of the New York Times Magazine. I remember all the balls you busted down on Wall street. Sure, your actions didn't exactly touch my day-to-day existence, but I really believed that you were one of the good guys. I was so bummed to move out of NY only two weeks into your tenure as governor. And this is what you do with my admiration? Bugger.



T-Dubb said...

At least you had a governor to admire at least for a little while, unlike all those poor saps in Illinois.

Eliot Spitzer said...


Losing your respect is perhaps the worst punishment of all.

With you by my side I was invincable...now shadows darken my doorstep and my heart breaks.

Governor Taft said...

You probably don't know know about me, but I accepted bribes from people who invested public money in antique coins. I'm so glad my story didn't involve sex or wasn't in New York. The lazy, lazy mainstream media made it easy for me to serve out my term despite my impeachable crimes. Poor Mr. Spitzer didn't have a chance with such a salacious crime, though technically it didn't effect the taxpayers of the state as much as mine did. I'm glad the lazy media never wants to come to Ohio, it also helped us all forget about those race riots in Cincinnati (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_Cincinnati_riots).