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I just remembered that we have Girl Scout Cookies at home, and I am now consumed with two thoughts:
1. How much better would our road trip have been if we had remembered to bring them?!
2. Should I ride back home right now and get some, or make myself wait until the end of the day.
Here's the math involved in #2: if I ride my bike all the way home and then up to school, don't I deserve more cookies, in the end, than if I had just waited until the end of the day to ride home, in terms of overall calories burned: calories consumed?
I want to make a Samoa-Thin Mint sandwhich, where the Samoas are the bread, and the Thin Mints are the filling. And Then I want to switch it up and put Samoas in between Thin Mints. I might die right there.

That’s a horrible idea.
Right up there with the time I got stuck in traffic for 45 minutes on my way to work because at the last minute I decided I needed a Worlds Fair dounut.

At least you had sustenance.

I was off the blog for a bit so that I could Focus On School. I've had enough of that, and I'm back on the blogging wagon. The March theme Open Letters starts tomorrow.

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T-Dubb said...

so that's why he was late that day!

(what's his excuse all the other days?)