out with the (c)old

Dear February Doldrums,

I know we go way back, but you said it would just be a month. Just one month, until you got your feet back onthe ground, saved a bit of cash. And said "no, it's cool, you can totally stay in our extra room."

Then March 1st came and went, and there you were, drinking milk out of the container, sneaking your laundry into our loads. I'd really had it with you, February.

Today on my way to the bus stop I saw my first crocuses of the year. Crocuses! And I knew the time had come for us to part ways. I rehearsed my speech in my head all day, "we really like having you around, but its just... your cold cloudy days and general malaise is starting to bring us down. And I really think it would be better for all of us if you continued on your way now."

But then, as I turned the corner of my block on my way home, there you were. Sitting on my stoop with your boxes piled around you, the moving van just pulling up to the curb. I guess I underestimated you again; you always figure it out just in the nick of time.

See you next year!

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