there goes March...

Dear Internet,

I've been ignoring the warning signs for a while now: the way I bring you up in almost every conversation during the day; the way I can't go more than an hour without needing to be with you; the way I'm overcome with jealousy when I see other people enjoying your company while I'm stuck doing something tedious...

I think I've grown a little too attached to you, Internet, and I think we need some time apart. I'll be house-sitting all this week, and they forgot to leave your password. I figure it will be easiest this way; cold turkey.

It's not like we can't say hi to each other at school. After all, we have to Get Work Done, and we can't let a few personal issues sour our working relationship. But maybe a few nights alone will do us some good. Maybe give us a little perspective? Maybe even breathe some new life into our relationship.

I'll see you next week,


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