back on track

Back in the land o' internet after a week of detox.
In some ways it was nice--I read a book! An actual novel!
In other ways it put me face-to-face with how much I rely on having constant access... for instance: I was walking out the door on Sat night to go see Black Mountain* at the Bluebird.** I had never been there before, and I suddenly realized that I wasn't sure exactly where I was going... So I called my dad and had him look it up online for me. Seriously. I mean, it worked, but really.

* Adam was out of town and so I went alone and we text-convo'd after:

Me: Oh my holy... That was some serious rock.

A: Did they smite the unbelievers with their thunderous rock hammers?
Tee hee hee. That boy is funny.

** I'm a big fan of small venues, don't get me wrong, but does anyone else feel like the Bluebird is reminiscent of an under-18 nighttime hang-out in a shopping mall, or maybe even a church basement?

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