letter to Laura

Where did the time go? Is it really the 10th? I have a February theme comin' atcha soon, I swear. Until then, I'm going to recycle the second half of a convo. between me & my sister from this evening...

OF COURSE I'll be a braidesmaid. Especially since you asked me to be a BRIDESMAID and not a MATRON OF HONOR. You know, since i'm so old and rickety. Wheeeeee!!!!!!! I feel like I want to really talk with you about all of this, in a non-wedding-planning-pressure sort of way. Just that since i recently went through it all (not that my experience necessarily mirrors your at all), but I have fresh impressions of the whole endeavor. Anyway. I'd love to chat about it, and I promise not to ask about table settings. All I wanted to focus on when I was wedding planning was the big stuff, like what it all means to me, as a person, etc. but all anyone wanted to know about was catering, and I was all F@!K THE CHICKEN! Whatever.

I hear you re: being in a rut. Except I have it in the opposite way. I'm supposed to be focusing on school, my research , etc. And all I can think about, all I have inspiration on, are all the things I want to MAKE! I have ideas coming out of my ears, but I have school-work guilt holding my back from getting any of my arty ideas out, so in the end, NOTHING gets done. Its terribly unproductive.

I miss you and I love you.


PS-- Obama is totally rocking the shite out of these elections and I'm so pumped. My friends Mike and Xtina in Maine are all up in the Obama action and they went to caucus today and he sent a pic of her, holding a Obama sign to me. I told him he should get her an Obama-Mama t-shirt, as it would get him all revved up nudge-nudge. And he said-- "That would be one raucous caucus!"

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