three cheers for civics!

Oooo, the great claps of thunders, the bright flashes of lightning. Such a dramatic backdrop to this great day of civic engagement! Adam has taken to calling it Super-Freaky Tuesday, which I think is hilarious. But you know what I DON'T find funny? Not voting.

Despite my rampant cynicism and general air of jadedness when it comes to all things "participation", I LOVE voting. It fills me with a big welling sense of doing my part, and of being a small particle in a much larger movement.

That's a feeling I've been getting a lot lately. I am three-sheets-to-the-wind excited about this election. Because a) there is nowhere to go but up, so no matter what, we win! and b) i'm convinced the tide has turned and we're destined for a Democrat. Wheee! And, to have a choice between an African-American and a woman? What a lovely predicament to be in.

Not that I'm in much of a predicament, as I'm on the Obama wagon 100% and I'm also convinced, and I'll lecture you long and hard about it, that Obama is the feminist choice. Because we've come so far, that, voting for Hilary just b/c she's a woman? Oh, that's so passe, and also goes against everything our mothers fought for (thanks mom!) If you prefer her as a candidate, well, good for you, and I'll leave you alone. But if you are choosing her b/c you feel bad NOT voting for her, come on! Let's vote for people, people! Not for labels.

And now, a break for some admittedly cheesy inspiration. But as the man says, listening to Obama's speeches gets me all riled up and feeling feisty and OPTIMISTIC, wonder of wonders. If you had told me, four years ago, that this is where we would be at the next election cycle, I wouldn't have believed you. I wouldn't have believed that the future could look so bright and that I might once again feel a sense of pride in the choices of my fellow Americans.


Jessica B-G said...

I hear that lady. I voted this morning for obama. INDEED.

madsp said...

Also voted for Obama. We need a clean break from the past. I did feel a little guilty about not voting for THE woman candidate, but I agree that it's important to consider the whole person, not just the person's physical attributes. I think Obama has the power to inspire change. (When my friends and I first saw him speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, we all stood up and cheered. We immediately hoped that he would be President one day).

sarar said...

belatedly, yay!! i totally agree & ALSO voted for Obama. i loved also to see the INCREDIBLE numbers of people at our caucus location (i got there early & lamely had to leave early for work, but passed what seemed like hundreds on my way out). people couldn't find parking all over minneapolis! & that it was this way all over the country? i love it.