i totally called the beagle

Just ask Adam. That beagle walked onto the floor at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog-stravaganza and I said, "that's the one." Moxie, on the other hand, took her time, and under carefully consideration had her money on the Boston Terrier. But she obviously let her personal bias color her decision, as that dog didn't even win his group.

On another note:

Check out this post-it drawing blog. Crikey. Compared to those, mine look like something your kid dragged* home from pre-school. Good thing it's just a one month theme.

*Since I'm drawing this post out, might I also note that Moxie started puppy kindergarten this past weekend and I couldn't pay attention to the instructor b/c she kept saying "drug", as a past tense of drag. And I'm no stickler for proper English, but I do prefer real words, and I couldn't stop thinking about how one would 'properly' spell that word. And does she spell it out that way? Or is it like when I drive Patty crazy because I say cereal like "sir-e-ul"?


V said...

I think your post-its are great! I had no idea other people were doing this! I thought I was alone. Been putting up post-it doodles on my blog for a while now. Usually as a batch per post.

Hope to see more.


TrishaLou said...

"cereal" small condensed sugar thingies. In Michigan we say "ser e ul. Of course we also pronounce the town of Cheasning as "Chez ning" Accent on first syllable. And Durand to locals is "Doo ran".

Grandma Pat

gigirose said...

Thanks V!
A quick search has turned up quite a bit of post-it creativity on the web! I guess other are filling the down time in their days like you and I...

I like to work with small pieces of paper.... a large canvas leaves me feeling overwhelmed.