shake things up

I just ran across this pic while rooting around in a box of stuff from when we lived in Maine (ahhhh...Maine....). This was drawn during a Workplace Wellness employee conference for a job I had in Portland. Specifically, this was drawn during a sexual harassment skit. It was one of those cringing audience participation drills. It involved Joe, a middle aged blue-collar man who looked like Santa and kept our sewer lines functional, and Randi, a billing department secretary. Reading from cue cards, he told her her blouse looked nice. Then he asked her on a date.

I wanted to die, right there, on Joe's behalf. This kind soul who probably hadn't thought about blouses since he last put his wife's delicates in with his dungarees. I was doodling to create a distraction for myself, but I have no idea how it ended up in a box of seashells, bumper stickers and a flyer from a Kid Koala concert at the Space. I do remember that at first the doodle-people just had regular bodies but, my boss looked over and said they looked like salt shakers, so I went ahead and embellished them.

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