DefectiveYeti had a funny post once about how commuting by bike fills him with his three favorite substances: endorphins, adrenaline and self-righteousness. At the time I was a daily bike commuter and could totally understand what he was talking about, but I have been driving to school a lot lately, since it has been so terribly gross out; cold, slick, and windy. I feel pretty guilty about this fact, as I live just 3 miles from school.

Back when I didn't have a car I took the bus every day that I didn't ride, so at least I could still keep up my sense of superiority. But now that I have car access for a few months this winter, and I discovered a street with free parking near campus, my resolve has gone out the window. That and the $3.50 round trip seems a bit more steep when its not my only option.

Today I caught a ride to school from Adam and took the bus home, which seemed like a nice, earth-friendly compromise, and my smugness was returning until we passed a biker on the way. Argh! Mocking me, in my not-yet-warm-prob.-won't-be-by-the-time-I-get-to-where-I'm-going car! ... Except:

And here's where I get on my high horse:

Except for the fact that it was way-way super icy slick out today, this guy was riding on Grand Ave., the busiest street in the neighborhood, and (most importantly) was NOT wearing a helmet.

If you ever want to raise my biker-ire, ride by with a baseball cap on. I'll yell at you from the sidewalk.

I mean, really, even if this oh-so intrepid biker had no other option to get to work on this treacherous morning <cough-bus-cough>, and hates riding the side streets (me too, I understand, it's out of the way), at least put a helmet on so that when the crazy Missouri driver next to you hits that patch of black ice and freaks out all over the road and right into you, there is something between your skull and the curb. I'm just saying.

Wow. Ok, so now I, my opinions, and my plethora of hyphens are going to bed.

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