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People my age are not nearly as into Jell-o as I feel they should be.

#6 no mayo. I said NO MAYO!

To the lady who is huffing around about how "this place is just chaos!" ---
You are in a Jimmy John's at noon. What were you expecting?!

I kept hoping the prep guy would try to toss her sandwich to her, the way they do when they're feeling especially saucy.

let us embrace the homely cupcake

For the record, any cupcake is better than no cupcake. But can we have a brief discussion about the style v. substance issue? The world is getting cluttered with these towering confections, adorned with bows & ribbons and cocktail umbrellas. If I can figure out how to cram them into my mouth without getting it all over my face they are always too dry, too flavorless. Is it too much to ask for my margarita cupcake to actually taste like lime & tequila? Gimme a plate of crooked, hand frosted scrumptious cupcakes over those flashy status symbols any day. I want the working man's cupcake.

things I never thought I'd be into, but ... it turns out they are kind of rad:

*South Beach bars
*Hats with ears for babies

cursory inspection

Thoughts I have upon walking through my house in the morning:
  • Why is this cookbook on the floor?
  • Apparently the dishes fairy did not come.
  • It looks like that closet is throwing up shoes.
  • Ugh, 7:30 already?
  • Wait, that clock says 7:28. Nice.
  • Didn't I mop this yesterday?


LAURA!!! said...

haha your walking around thoughts sound a lot like mine

hats with ears for babies!! cute!!

Anonymous said...

Jilly's was over-priced and overrated. Yay Cook Carrie!!