35 weeks!

Well, we're moving right along on this whole baby growing escapade. Five or so more weeks (I'm banking on 6) to go. I'd add a melodramatic "...and then our life as we know it changes!" but to be honest it has already changed. I am not exactly out painting the town red these days.

(Because I totally used to. Paint the town, I mean. Really.)

I have lost perspective on how I look to others, but a pal just described me as "extremely pregnant". This makes me think it is time for a list or two...

Surprising things I can still do with relative ease:
  • ride a bike (no great distances being covered these days, though)
  • entertain dinner guests
  • touch my toes

Things that I'm pretending I can still do but I'm going to need to give up the game pretty soon here:
  • wear shoes that require me to lace or buckle them
  • work for more than three hours in a row without a nap
  • wear pants


LAURA!!! said...

I had a feeling that headline was about you ->

"Pantless Pregnant Lady Seen Riding Bike through Tower Grover, Painting it Red!"


"Pregnant, Pantless, Panting and Painting"

gigirose said...

oh my god.