easing into my geriatric years

Things I honestly enjoy that your grandpa probably loves too:

-air-popped popcorn
-watching birds
-Cream of Wheat
-new socks (so exciting!)
-high fiber cereals

I'm really on the fence about orange marmalade though.


Michael R. Allen said...

No mention of butterscotch candy?!

Shaun Jones said...

New socks are the best! It's all downhill after that first wash.


gigirose said...

oh good call michael.

Werther's: yes.
pudding: no.

Jessica said...

dude - I just had a sport med doc tell me that I have:

1. arthritis in my knees
2. a bone spur on my right kneee
3. calf and shin strains

I am 8678 years old.
And we can be old ladies together.

snoshoo53 said...

if you ever had bitter orange marmalade in Greece on this really hard toast, you would be hooked for life.

Hoff said...

In addition to butterscotch candy I was also going to say rootbeer soda.