double, double, toil and trouble

As a scientist, I'm dismayed at recent news that American's attitudes regarding climate change are taking a bit of a nose-dive toward disbelief. I am definitely in the camp that feels that blame for this can be split between poorly-communicating scientists and fear-mongering pundits. Come on science! Get on the ball!

With that said, I was heartened to see this figure which seems to indicate that the majority of the population is at least considering the consequences.


LAURA!!! said...

i could be trying harder to get closer to blue. there's lots i do do, but lots more i would do.should think about it everyday in all actions is what i will do. thanks for the reminder.
that figure is cool. like visually. like. yeah.

the teeth said...

Speaking of poor communication: that figure is pretty, but it'd also make Edward Tufte poke his eyes out.