las cruces, nm

My last night in a real bed for 2 weeks. Whole lot of desert (car)camping coming my way.

In related news: Tamarind frozen fruit popsicle (with chili & lime!) is, in fact, not good. Not good at all. In fact, it was kind of salty. Like eating a hint-o-lime Tostito flavored popsicle. So, now you know.


Anonymous said...

I know a really neat place to eat there. It is a local place. And the fruit empanadas; delicious!

And the first time I saw the Organ Mountains I was speechless! Hard to believe, right? We took a trip up to Riadosa over to White Cloud, finally to Alamagodo and and as we came to the Organ Mountains (in the dark) we drove through just about the most tremendous electical storm we had ever seen. Fantastic. So is most of the sate.

gigirose said...

ooooooo... fruit empanadas! where?!?! i'll look them up the next time i drive through there.