goings-on upstairs

also good with real fruit added
Aside from its total lack of nutritional content, I don't know why I don't eat more jello. It's so fun!

no i won't go out with you
Why does Google keep asking me if I want to submit a story about how much I looove my iGoogle homepage?! For the record I do not. Love it, I mean. It bores me to tears, and i hate that the mail doesn't function properly.

I am engaged in a years-long debate with myself over the merits of always using the same bathroom stall, versus mixing it up. Pro one stall: at least you know that some of those germs belong to you. Pro multi-stall: possibly decreases your chances of continually mingling with something invisible yet nasty. But maybe not?

especially annoying when she sneaks onto my pillow
When my dog wakes up from a nap she smells like crackers. What's up with that?
(Also, she totally talks in her sleep, like me. I find this hilarious--that I make the same bad-dream noises as my dog).

shiny happy people holding hands
The debate open discussion regarding race in the local elections that I half-attended this eve only served to remind me that this place is about 20 years behind so much of the country in that regard. Or, maybe just the coasts? Just the northeast? Have too many years of Sarah Lawrence College & the Brian Lehrer show made me too post-post-modern? My first impression is that everything everyone is saying sounds so provincial, but I have to realize that's only because race relations here are truly so far behind, and I am waaaay too new here to even begin to try to fry those eggs around this blog. So I guess my point is that I'm glad the discussion is being had, and I wish the crowd at this particular establishment was regularly so multi bi-racial (where were the immigrant peeps et al.?!)

and then i reveal my achilles heel
A certain proprietor of a certain aforementioned establishment approached me with a white bag of loot this eve. I know that bag. That is the kind of bag that always, and exclusively, contains candy. Yes--yes, I would like to have some of your candy. Thankyouverymuch.

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