books white people like

Not to go on harping on this race thing, but the BBC's list of 100 favorite books is making its way around the blogs, and I'm wondering where are all the non-white, non-European authors? 
The rules of the meme are that you post the list, making notes regarding which ones you've read. Supposedly most have only read six, which blows my mind, because that is just not possible unless you skipped out on all of high school.  But more to my point, it all seems very self congratulatory and self back-patting.  I've read my fair share of the list, but I'd so much rather say I spent my college years reading the likes of Nawal el Sadawi and Jamaica Kincaid than J.K. Rowling.  

My point is not to sound like a snob.  
My point is this:  The Shell Seekers?  Seriously?  And no Toni Morrison?  For shame.

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