Dear internet, please tell me I am not the only one curled up on the couch at 6:30 on a Wednesday, trying to decide between continuing to nap, starting to drink, or eating myself out of house and home.  

Every year I go through a small bout of what I like to call my February Doldrums.
Only this year, it seems to have started in January.
I blame the cold.  And the dark.  
And the broke-ness.
But it is always cold and dark in January.
And I am always broke. 
So what gives?  Why do I have a persistent sense of dissatisfaction and mild grumpiness?

I have a whole list of little fun projects and big important work that I need to be attending to, but today I came home and it was so cold in my house that I had no choice but to sit down on my couch, with my jacket, hat and scarf still firmly in place, and watch the end of Charlie's Angels until I warmed up enough to make a cup of tea.  Charlie's Angles! I despise Cameron Diaz and her shockingly evident ribcage.

I'm not trying to be picky.  I'm not wishing for 70 degrees & sunny.  I just want it to be warm enough to take my dog for a walk in the park before we both lose our minds.  I was trying to take a bath yesterday and she kept barging in to the bathroom and sticking her head over the rim of the tub until she'd had enough of my dallying and threw her toy right into the water. Lovely.

I know it is cold where you are as well.  I'm wishing you warm thoughts, hot toddies and a seat by the fire until this cold snap breaks.  Then, we can all meet in the park.  I'll be the one running in circles with a jackrabbit on a leash.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ginger - Your words give poetic justice to what I am feeling. But take heart; the days _are_ getting longer, slowly but surely. I braved the weather last night and took Sadie to the park at dusk. I let her off her leash most of the way and was surprised to run into other people there. Thought I was the only one crazy enough. :) Fight the doldrums girl, because we have spring yet to enjoy.

Rosemary said...

Refer to Lo Bear's latest posting... for a quick attempt to fool ourselves into believing that it may warm up again someday.

And, really... it was -25 wind chill here last night.. maybe lower.. sooooooo count your blessings.