if you're going to do it, you might as well go all the way.

From: me

To: my dad
Oh, not too much happening around here.
maybe you've noticed, but it is COLD. everywhere. all the time.
i have cabin fever something fierce.
and it is the lazy-making kind of cabin fever where i am so antsy at home but i can't generate the will to go anywhere else b/c it is so cold and so dark.

wer're going to look at a couple of houses this weekend. i am torn between being excited and enticed by all the deals out there and my typical knee-jerk reaction to the idea of purchasing anything over $50-- which is stubborn refusal and an elevated heart rate.
anyway, i think A's biological clock is ticking. he is in nesting mode. he wants a house, wants 'to build equity', wants a workshop & new cabinets to hang.
i want to stick my head in the sand and rent for the rest of my life b/c it seems less risky & waaaay less responsibility.
I guess it is a good thing that one of us is aspiring to adulthood.

i just re-read that paragraph and realized how crazy i sound. ha. i think i might rip that whole passage off and blog it. but be assured, you read it here first. i'm not recycling blog posts into emails, just the other way around!


Rosemary said...

Take a stroll through the Missouri Wildflower site ( you have it listed as one of your fav's) . I just did.... it helped. And now I go out into the deepfreeze.. I wonder if I will find a little doll, like in the story.. remember?

Anonymous said...

It is a common disease that all of us have caught this winter. The only cure is when the Burpees seed catalog arrives in the mail. Or if you can't wait just go to the Michigan Bulb Company website. It really works!

The Garden Ho said...

That's great that you guys are looking for a house. There is always one person who is the foot-dragger. In our case, that was Mike. Took him a while to warm up to the idea. But never hurts to have that balance when house-buying. Someone has to be more cynical, more cautious. There's a lot of mixed emotions with house buying. First the excitement, then the "what have we done" feeling that sinks in afterwards. It's inevitable. But Mike and I are so glad we did buy (even if the market has tanked). You should see Parker's new house. It's OLD! I think it's the oldest house in Alfred, Maine. I think the walls are made of dinosaur skin or something like that. Haha!

chinesetwine said...

Found your blog via Tom's . . . This post is Leaf & I to a T. Leaf really wanted to buy & I was happy renting. Now we have purchased thus I feel one inch closer to adulthood.