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I put my birthday money from my in-laws toward a new set of panniers. (Thanks D &D!)

They are amazing. The only time I was ever driving to school was on days when I had too much to carry, and now I can fit it all, plus some extra stuff just for kicks.

Anyway, they are amazing enough just for the fact that they carry so much while still being streamlined and not bulky, and they also load on and off of my rack really easily, but I hadn't tested their supposedly great water-proofness until today.

I snuck out of school early during a break in the torrent, in an attempt to make it home without getting drenched. No such luck. Not sure how well you can see it in this pic:

... but lets just say that my sneakers were making that squish-squish noise with every step.

But my stuff? My precious laptop & papers, without which I would be stranded and alone?
Bone dry. I am not even kidding you. This bag is amazing.
Go. Buy some now. I don't even care that you don't own a bike, these bags will make you want one, just so you can experience the wonder that comes from riding through a downpour for 20 minutes and then taking dry papers out of your bag.

In other exciting bike news, I also recently discovered that my fancy black boots fit perfectly into my toe clips!

Now I can ride to school looking like a bizarre combo between Dorothy & the Wicked Witch.

I was so content on my ride that I wasn't flustered one bit by the jackass in the conversion van honking at me to get off the road. I just caught up to him at the next light, flipped him off and rolled on my way.

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Alyse + Joey said...

Uhm, AMAZING. This is an awesome product review, thanks neighbor!!